A Deco Proteste e a Google dão-lhe a mão para navegar pela internet em segurança.

Deco Proteste and Google will help you navigate the internet safely.

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The Portuguese (especially those over 50 years old) are the Europeans who use the Internet the least. They are 27%, as opposed to more than 45% on average in Europe. Overall, around 30% of Portuguese people have never had access to the Internet. The disparity between urban and rural areas is glaring and punitive.

The Internet offers infinite possibilities to its users, with advantages that far outweigh the dangers. It is one of the main means today by which individuals exercise their right to freedom of expression and right to be informed, but about 23% of the Portuguese population indicated, in a European study released in January 2020, that they did not make purchases over the Internet for fear of the security of online payments, making our country the most reticent member state in this type of transaction in the European Union (EU).And if what Stephen Hawking said is true, that “we are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain,” we have a near-moral obligation to work to make the best of it.

The Project

This joint project by DECO PROTESTE and GOOGLE thus promises to be a hub of information and dissemination of the measures to be taken to ensure safe use of the Internet, as well as exposing the most notorious cases of fraud online, so that Portuguese consumers can be informed and thus prepared for the challenges of an (increasingly) immaterial world.